Acne is bad news.  It can be chronic or intermittent but always frustrating.  Acne is a chronic inflammatory condition.  It can start in the teens or in the 50’s.  There are many factors involved in acne: increased skin cell production blocking the sebaceous gland, genetics and hormones can increase production of sebum (oil), creating a favourable environment for the bacteria p acnes, and the bacteria induces inflammation.  Whether acne is mild with the occasional pimple or severe with cysts and scarring and discolouration, U Cosmetic has many headlining options to help to help take it off the front pages of your life.

Has your acne stayed away but left you with some scarring?  Book a consult with Dr. Macleod to learn about all your options for skin improvement.  From medical grade skin care to the Ultrapulse CO2 laser and everything else in between, U Cosmetic has the technology and services to keep your skin ready for the front page!

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