Are freckles, lentigines (brown spots), uneven skin tone, dull complexion, melasma (hormonal discolouration), large pores de-railing your efforts to look how you feel? Let Dr. Macleod and the staff at U Cosmetic personalize a treatment regimen to get your skin back on track. With the wide range of treatments available at U Cosmetic, there is something for every budget, every lifestyle. Many of our treatments have no downtime and all of our treatments provide amazing results.

Now that we have discussed repair, what about prevention? We can give you treatment options to minimize the damaging effect of those evil UV rays. Everyone can benefit from a good strategy to keep skin healthy and happy while still living your life. Let U Cosmetic help you navigate your way to streamlining your new approach to prevention.

Call U Cosmetic today to repair and prevent, we call it pre-pair to put your best you forward!

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