Blue light treatments are used to control mild to moderate acne. It is completely non-invasive with no discomfort and no downtimes. Acne is not exclusive to teens, many in their 20’s, 30’s and older continue to struggle with acne or even start getting acne. The BLU-U is a unique blue light that kills the P. acnes bacteria in your skin. This bacteria is part of what causes acne in some or most people.

Treatments are simple. You sit with your face close to the light for a short period of time – 15 to 20 minutes – once or twice a week for five to six weeks or so. It is safe, it is not hot or painful. After some weeks the BLU-U blue light helps control your acne by preventing new lesions from forming.

Contact U Cosmetic Partner of Dermapure Group today to find out if BLU-U is an option to control your acne. If you are uncomfortable with taking antibiotics or want to improve your current topical treatment results, BLU-U blue light may be a treatment for you.

Quick Facts

-Quick, safe and non-invasive.

-Kills acne bacteria to prevent further lesions.

– No heat or discomfort.

-Alternative to medications such as antibiotics.


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