Want a brighter complexion or more even skin tone? Want to improve oily skin or decrease acne breakouts or scarring? Our Alumier medical grade chemical peels are used to reduce pore size, skin discolouration, oil production and control acne breakouts and soften lines and wrinkles. The skin is the largest organ of the body and is in constant flux. Old skin cells form the top layer of the skin as new ones are formed below. Shedding of this outer older layer slows down with aging and becomes thicker causing a dull, uneven complexion emphasizing sun damage and textural changes.

Chemo-exfoliation (chemical peeling) has been used since ancient times – bathing in sour milk or old wine would keep the skin of royalty soft. Now you can be treated like royalty at U Cosmetic. An appropriate Alumier peel is selected depending on the skin issue being treated. Some peeling is quite subtle while stronger ones can have more aggressive peeling over a few days to a week. The result is healthier looking skin with a radiant glow and more even skin tone and texture.

Book a consult today to see if chemical peels would be a good addition to your skin care treatments.  Combining skin care treatments often give greater results than individually.

Quick Facts

-We recommend a series of peels over several months for best results.

-Can range from subtle to aggressive peeling.

– Treat a wide variety of skin conditions.

-Results in radiant skin with a more even skin tone.

-Good for all skin types.


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