Compression socks or stockings will help legs feel better immediately especially if you suffer from varicose veins or deeper vein reflux. We have daily wear socks and stockings that are worn after vein treatments.  Wearing stockings after vein treatments may improve results and prevent recurrence sooner.  No longer do they look like Granny’s old stockings.  The choices today are fashion forward and they look like regular socks, tights and stockings.  Your legs feel like they just got out of bed at the end of the day.  At U Cosmetic Partner of Dermapure Group, we will measure your legs to provide you with your personalized sizing.

Contact U Cosmetic Partner of Dermapure Group today so our staff can measure you up… for your socks of course!  Maybe you have questions about some of the other stuff we do?

Quick Facts

-They do not replace definitive treatment.

-We measure you so they fit right.

-Socks for every lifestyle including athletics.


Also Works Well With…


Patient Intake.