We want you to get lippy and cheeky with us! All facial filler treatments with done with an artistic and conservative approach. Fillers are used to enhance volume or replace it. Unfortunately as we get older we lose volume in places we want to keep it and gain volume in places we don’t. Fillers can definitely help with the former (we have other treatments for the latter). Treatment results are instant.  Popular areas treated are cheeks, nasolabial and marionette lines (lines/hollows around the nose and mouth) and lips. Unique areas treated that further enhance results are temples, tear troughs (under eye hollows), jaw line and much more. With longer acting hyaluronic filler now available, results can last up to one to two years

Techniques and products have changed over the years in dermal facial filler treatments.  In staying current, Dr. Macleod uses these new techniques and a range of fillers to treat your specific issues and to allow for true no downtime treatments, this means much less swelling and little to no bruising! Even for lips! It’s important to Dr. Macleod that ALL her filler patients feel comfortable and satisfied with their results, naturally!

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Quick Facts

-Performed with expertise by Dr. Macleod, you will feel comfortable.

-New techniques with improved long-lasting fillers.

-Treatment plans of every budget.

-Conservative approach with natural and instant results.

-Less swelling and little to no bruising.


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