What is a KTP laser?  Potassium (K), Titanyl (T), Phosphate (P).  Ok, now that we have that over, what does it do?  A lot.  Brown lesions (raised like liver spots or skin tags) and brown spots (flat like freckles or sun damage spots) on the face and body, spider veins on the face, red lesions on the face and body, it does it all.  Often in a single treatment but can take multiple treatments.

U Cosmetic has one and we use it A LOT.  It is one of our most popular treatments.  It is safe, with minimal to no discomfort, NO downtime and great results. We would love to show you.  Call today for your consult.


Who would be handling your procedure?


Registered Nurse


Medical Esthetician/Laser Technician


Medical Esthetician/Laser Technician

Facial Spider Vein Treatment

KTP and photorejuvenation package treatment.

Facial Spider Vein Treatment

Several treatments and KTP laser.

Vascular (red) Lesion

Single treatment with KTP laser.

Lentigines (sun damage) and Seborrheic Keratosis
(benign skin growths)

Single treatment with KTP laser.

Angioma (spider vein collection) on Nose

Single treatment with KTP laser.

Venous Lake (lip vein)

Single treatment with KTP laser.

Quick Facts

1.            It treats most to all skin types.

3.            It treats raised or flat lesions.

5.            Safe, no downtime, and no to minimal discomfort.

2.            It treats reds and browns.

4.            Our technicians are experts in using this laser.


Also Works Well With…


Patient Intake.