U Cosmetic Partner of Dermapure Group uses two types of lasers to remove unwanted benign (non-cancerous) skin lesions such as skin tags, angiomas (raised red lesions), sebhorreic keratosis (raised and waxy age/liver spots), lentigines (brown flat sun spots) as well as benign moles and growths on the face, neck and body.  During your consultation, Dr. Macleod and her staff will choose the safest and most effective laser, based on your skin type and type of lesion.  These lasers offer a treatment with low to no risk of scarring when compared to excision.  Some benign lesions such as cysts need excision and others may need a steroid injection.  Dr. Macleod will evaluate your skin lesion concerns and determine which method is right for you.While most skin lesions are benign or non-cancerous, some skin lesions can have a concerning appearance. Remember your A, B, C’s of skin cancer to help you determine if any of your lesions are concerning.  We recommend you follow up with your family physician if you suspect a bad lesion however Dr. Macleod will address any concerning lesions seen in consultation.

  • Asymmetry – look for spots that are asymmetrical, not round
  • Border – look for spots with uneven borders.
  • Colour – look for spots with an unusual or uneven colour.
  • Diameter – look for spots larger than 6 or 7mm.
  • Evolving – has the mole or spot changed during the past few weeks or months

Contact U Cosmetic Partner of Dermapure Group today for a consult for removal of your benign skin lesion concerns.  If you are not emotionally attached to your benign skin lesions, they can be removed with laser with excellent results at U Cosmetic Partner of Dermapure Group.

Anioma Removal Nose

One treatment, no scar.

Benign Lesion Removal Face

No scar.

Large Mole Removal

No scar.

Lesion Removal Nose

No scar.

Sebhorrheic Keratosis Removal Face

Large sebhorrheic keratosis, single treatment Ultrapulse CO2 laser.

Venous Lake Removal

Venous lake (dilated blood vessel) in lip, single treatment with KTP laser.

Vascular (red) Lesion Removal

KTP laser removal of vascular lesion on face, single treatment.

Facial Mole Removal

Ultrapulse CO2 laser removal of benign facial moles 2 weeks after treatment.

Xanthelasma Lesion Removal

Single treatment with Ultrapulse CO2 laser for Xanthelasma (fat deposits around the eyes).

Quick Facts

1.           Two laser choices at U Cosmetic Partner of Dermapure Group for benign skin lesion removal.

3.           Several options for removal.

2.           Can be removed by laser often with no scarring.

4.           Often in a single treatment.


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