Spider and varicose veins are considered a chronic condition.  Sclerotherapy helps treat and control vein issues.  Sclerotherapy involves the injection of a safe solution into spider and varicose veins to induce closure.  Treatments are done by Dr. Macleod and our Nurse injector.  Some treatments are covered by OHIP if the varicose veins are large and symptomatic.  Treatments can be with regular solution mixtures or the solution can be mixed with a small amount of air to make Foam Sclerotherapy.  Dr. Macleod may also use an ultrasound to help guide injections.  Dr. Macleod will determine what treatment is best for you.

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Quick Facts

-May require multiple treatments.

-Results are quick.

-Controls vein issues not necessarily cures.

-Travelling immediately before and after treatment not recommend.


Also Works Well With…


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